Resolution Business Services Limited was established to assist companies in producing acurate and timely management information. The services we offer to clients are:


Management Information

Timely management information gives you:

  • control over the different aspects of your business
  • the ability to rectify problems as they occur
  • the basis to re-evaluate plans and re-shape your business

 We produce the following information on as regular a basis as required:

  • job/product costing
  • management accounts
  • profitability analysis for the different areas of your business
  • identification of cost and efficiency savings
  • comparison of actual results against budget

Cash Flow Management and Financial Forecasting

Financial forecasts are used to anticipate future profitability and cash flow.

Short term reviews usually cover daily cash flow, on a six week running cycle. This is prepared by identifying anticipated receipts and payments and recording the effect that they will have on your daily bank balance.

This gives you a framework to:

  • prioritise payments to suppliers
  • identify when customers must be pressed for settlement
  • remain within your bank facilities

Longer term forecasting, usually covering a period of twelve to thirty-six months, enables you to identify the effect of changes in sales, contract timetables, profitability and credit periods on your business.

This allows you to:

  • identify periods where additional bank support, or improved supplier terms, is required
  • plan your labour requirement, based on anticipated demand
  • identify when funds are likely to be available to replace key assets
  • have a budget to compare against actual performance

Strategic Review

We can work with you to consider, amongst other things, the following factors:

  • which markets your business should be operating in
  • existing and future needs of consumers
  • planning for future business sale or succession
  • competitors actions
  • supplier review
  • regulatory or environmental changes
  • effect of further economic changes
  • new technologies

In addition, we can assist you in more closely aligning the key costs of your business to the way in which income is generated.


Maintenance of Book-keeping Systems

Running an efficient book-keeping and costing system will enable you to:

  • keep control of your company's key costs
  • learn from past contract performance
  • minimise administrative overheads.

As such, this area is of critical importance in the current economic climate. The cost of employing a suitably qualified accountant or using a traditional firm of accountants to review your existing system, implement changes and maintain it may simply be prohibitive, however.

We can review postings to your financial ledgers on a regular basis to ensure that transactions are being accurately recorded, significantly reducing the time, and therefore cost, that it takes to produce periodic management accounts, costing information and annual accounts.